Monday, March 31, 2014

A Finish for March

I am thrilled to finally have my second finish of the year.  This Bungle Jungle is slightly smaller than the one I finished in January.  The backing and quilting is different.  I really like the quilting, but it hasn't been washed yet so it may be difficult to see.

I will be liking up with everyone else who finished their March goal at A Lovely Year of Finishes on the Sew Bittersweet Designs blogs.


  1. Very cute baby quilt. I love the colors.

  2. I love it, Katie! Nice work and good colors!

  3. Love that Bungle Jungle collection. Congratulations on another finish : )

  4. Congratulations on another great finish!

  5. Congrats on the finish. That is such a fun pattern for the jungle fabric.

  6. I don't know why I didn't see this post - I was subscribed by e-mail. Maybe I'll have to check it or subscribe again. I really like the color distribution. You did a great job on that quilt.

  7. Love the colors and the pattern. Where did you find the pattern or did you just build it yourself out of your curly-headed imagination?~! That aqua grabs me and whispers its name to me !~!

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  9. Such a fun quilt, just right for a spring snuggle!


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