Monday, February 8, 2010

Design Wall Monday - February 8, 2010

Although I did manage to work on a few things on my list from last week, I became fascinated by making scrappy little blocks.  This week, I made thirty six that I squared to 6.5 inches and forty five that squared to 5.5 inches. The blocks below are a sampling of the 5.5 inch blocks.  They look a little limp because they are taped to the hall closet door.

Don't forget to visit Judy L's blog there's always something to see on the other design walls..

Makes Me Happy Monday - February 8, 2010

My Viking daughter attends a women's college in New England.  She calls home every Sunday evening to chat about whatever happens to be going on in her part of the world.  As soon as I wake up on Sunday morning, I begin to count the hours until it's time for her to call.  She really doesn't like to use the phone and rarely has usage on her cell phone other than calls to us at home.  She tells us that she sees her friends everyday so she doesn't need to call them and thinks it's foolish to spend time on a cell phone narrating the mundane happenings of daily life.
We planned to pick her up this Friday so that she could spend her 3 day President's weekend holiday at home.  She belongs to the Kendo club (Japanese martial arts form that features sword fighting and very cool uniforms) at school and they are appearing as part of Yuki Matsuri (a Japanese winter festival) at the campus on  Saturday.  I was disappointed that she wouldn't be coming home, but she invited us to spend the weekend up at college and watch the performance.  We've never seen her in her uniform or using her shinai so this is a special treat.

File:Kendo uniform parts.png

I planned to use our frequent flyer miles to pay for the hotel room.  This morning as I booked the reservation, I found a special deal ( $50 off the regular price of the hotel room, plus a $15 Visa gift card for each night's stay).
Now I can't stop smiling thinking about how much fun it will be to watch the "Chicks with Sticks" go through their Kendo paces.  So this is what makes me happy this Monday.