Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Little Quilt Finds a Home

So often when we donate quilts to charitable groups, we are not really sure what happens to them.  I follow the blog of Cherri House, author of City Quilts.  In March, Cherri posted a call for children's quilts on her blog Cherry House Quilts.  I didn't have anything ready, so it took me a while to get a quilt together.  One month later, I mailed the quilt I blogged about here (  to the Early Head Start Program in Baltimore, MD. On Monday, I received a lovely thank you note in the mail.

As a retired nursery school teacher, I was delighted to know that the quilt would be part of the school's "Cozy Corner" In-Home Literacy Project.  Each child is given a quilt and a book to begin an infant/toddler library in their home.  Books are taken to their house throughout the year to encourage a love for reading.  Although I wasn't expecting a thank you for sending the quilt, it was wonderful to hear how the little quilt that traveled hundreds of miles would be used.