Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Judy Collins has always been one of my favorite singers.  I love her song, "Who Knows Where The Time Goes."  It has a beautiful haunting melody.  Unfortunately, hearing the song never motivates me to get going and conquer my procrastination.  I find that if I miss a week of blogging it turns into a month.  It is so easy to get out of the habit.
I was motivated to post today after opening my mail.  I received a lovely package from the UK sent by Elaine at A Little Bit of Heaven as part of the St.Patrick's Day Blog Hop and Giveaway.
It was wrapped so beautifully, that I took pictures as I unwrapped it.  This was the outer box.
 Now it is opened,
 These were the lovely goodies inside:  an embroidery pattern with some applique, ribbons, and gorgeous buttons.

After I took the pictures, I realized that I have been the recipient of many lovely items in the last few months and have not posted them yet.  I'll be playing catch-up for the rest of the week posting some of  items, but for now, I would like to give away something of my own.
There has been a lot of excitement about scrap quilting this year.  I have been doing my best to keep up with the various quilt a longs with only minor success.  One of the patterns that has caught my eye is the Fading Charms Quilt by Deanna at Blue Wedding Dress.  I am using 2.5 inch charms and have finished piecing the middle.  Now I am starting to put together the side rows.

I had originally intended to use 2 inch charms, but decided that larger squares would work better for my needs.  If you would like a head start on making a postage stamp style quilt, I would be happy to send you a pack of 100 two inch charms.  Since this is a giveaway and not a swap, any novelty charms in the pack are not fussy cut.  I have 5 packs to share (there are no repeats in the 100 charm packs.
They are wrapped in plastic and ready to be mailed.  Please leave a comment.  I will close the comments on on Friday, April 13th.  No hoops to jump through; just let me know if you want them.  I am willing to mail internationally.