Friday, April 13, 2012

May For Me Bingo (Edited to add bingo card master sheet info)

Sharon of Vrooman's QuiltsTonya of Hillbilly HandiworksMarcia of Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting, and Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting are four of the most prolific and generous bloggers I know.  They are having a special blog event in May.  The May for Me Celebration will have games, giveaways, and even a Grand Prize donated by Green Fairy Quilts.
I was lucky enough to win a pack of novelty squares at Marcia's blog to start me in the right direction.  I went over to Sharon's blog for the tutorial to make my very own Bingo card and to Tonya's blog to read about the prizes and rules.
These are the charms Marcia sent me.

 This is my Bingo board.

This is my Bingo board with the Master Card listing my objects for the game.

      B                                I                               N                         G                          O

Hens                    Pocket Watches         Stars                Cactus                Mosaic
Fireworks            Dragonflies                Plums               Golf Ball             Chick
Card Suits            Flowers                    Free Space        Frog                   Purple Cat
Monkey               Sunflower                 Tomatoes          Kitty Cat             Raspberries                                                                                                    
Snowflake            Smiley Face              Handbag            Holly leaves         Thread Spools                                                                                                        

It's not too late to join.  You must link up your Bingo board from April 15th through the 22nd.  If you use Sharon's tutorial, you'll be ready in no time.  All you need is twenty five 2.5 inch charms.  While you are checking out the Bingo tutorial on Sharon's blog, be sure to allow time for a visit because she has lots of wonderful things to see and learn about.

Thank you to everyone who wrote and asked about my daughter's eye problem.  We are optimistic because the blind spot has stayed the same size.  She is scheduled to see the neuro-ophthalmologist on April 23rd.  We hope he will be able to give us some good news.  On the bright side, she was accepted by every graduate school she applied to and was offered a scholarship (not full, but generous) to the university that was her first choice.  I'm already scouting quilt shops near the campus.