Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Missing In Action

If you have left a comment that I have not answered, or are a blogger that I usually leave a comment for, I apologize for my neglect.   The last 3 weeks have been a blur here at our house.  I have spent a large chunk of time in doctors' waiting rooms.  Three weeks ago, my 23 year old daughter's only concern was waiting to hear if she was accepted into graduate school.  Then she noticed a blind spot in the peripheral vision in her left eye.  She has been examined by at least 5 opthamologists, including a neuro-opthamologist and had 2 MRIs.  She has a swollen optic nerve, but they have not been able to find out what is causing it.  Luckily, they have been able to rule out a brain tumor, cancer, and a detached retina.  The swelling hasn't gotten any worse and there has been no change in the size of the blind spot.  Unless there is a further change in her vision, the doctors want to keep an eye on it and we have a follow-up appointment.  It's been very frightening, but we have confidence in the optical team and she's handling it very well.

I did manage to start a few projects and actually finished one.  The top of my dryer has a few large scratches that are starting to rust.  After seeing dryer toppers on a few blogs, I made one of my own.  I used 2.5 inch charms alternated with muslin on both sides. The hand stitched binding was a great project to pass the time while waiting at the doctor's office.

Last weekend, I was able to take a class at our LQS.  The pattern is Eleanor Burn's Oriental Fans Tablerunner.  The fan blocks were so much fun to make that I made 9 instead of the 3 called for in the pattern.  I didn't finish the extra blocks because the fabric I chose for the setting triangles and backing was too light.  I've also decided to change the fabric for the fan base.  I love the pattern so hopefully I will find the fabric I need.  

The Basics Charity Challenge at Cara Quilts ended today.  I planned to deliver the personal care items I was donating to our local women's shelter in tote bags.  I already had 2 canvas tote bags I purchased previously, but I needed 3 more.  I found some pale orange denim in my stash that I bought for a Girl Scout project years ago.  Although there are lots of great patterns for totes on the internet, none of them seemed to fit my needs so I came up with my own pattern.  The denim was heavy enough not to need any stabilizer and I finished the inner seams so that I did not need a lining.  I still have plenty of the denim fabric left so I may make a few more and fill them up for the shelter later this year.

I'll be linking up with Barbara At Cat Patches for the February NewFO Challenge