Friday, April 8, 2011

Anatomy of a UFO

A UFO no more

As I was sewing the binding on this little quilt, I couldn't figure out why I left it to languish in the closet for 2 years.  I have lots of UFOs that I have been dragging out from their hiding places so that I can face up to them in the light of day.  I keep asking myself, "Why didn't I finish this?"  In this case, as I was about to put on the border I noticed that I didn't like the color combination on 2 of the blocks.  I took the quilt apart and made new blocks to replace them. Unfortunately, after I was finished, I noticed that I sewed one of the blocks in the wrong direction.  I ripped it apart once more and turned the offending block the correct way.  I was so sick of looking at the quilt that I put it away.  Months later, I took it out again to cut the borders and binding, I noticed another set of blocks that I didn't like, but left them alone.  After putting on the borders, I realized I miscalculated and didn't have enough fabric left for the binding.  The quilt was banished to the closet once more.  Finally, I gave in and used the same fabric for the binding as the backing.  It wasn't what I wanted, but it would get done.  Once it was finished, I liked it.  I realized I should have left it alone in the first place and it would have been done 2 years ago and probably would have been just as nice.

Sharon over at Vrooman's Quilts is one of my favorite bloggers.  She creates wonderful quilts and explains the hows and whys of her projects is a manner clear enough for me to understand.  I really love to read about the different swaps and challenges she participates in.  She gets so much done, I'm not sure if I believe she is really only one person. There is a new button on her blog for the Hands 2 Help Charity Challenge.   It is a great way to have fun, use up some stash, and to spread love through one of your quilts.  Check it out soon because the sign up runs from Sunday, April 10th until April 13th and challenge partners will be assigned on April 15th.