Saturday, June 18, 2011

UFO Conversion

I have come to the realization that the primary reason I have so many stubborn UFOs hanging around is because I have ceased to like them.  It's hard to devote the time to finishing something you really don't care about.  I first blogged about my black/white/red quilt back in March of 2010.

First I decided the red batik I chose for the sashes and border had too much black in it.  Then I thought that the stripes looked boring.  In an effort to save the project and avoid wasting the fabric, I bought a brighter red batik.  Then I decided to take the strips apart and turn them into 4 patch blocks.  Today, I completed the top and like the results.  When it's finished, it will be traveling to Romania as part of the Hands 2 Help Challenge.  The colors are more vibrant in person, but it was too gloomy outside to take pictures today.

I still have lots of strips left over to make another quilt with.