Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Welcome Red, White and Blue Blog Hoppers

Happy 4th of July and welcome to all Red, White  and Blue Blog Hoppers.  My apologies to everyone for posting so late.  My plans to post last night after dinner went awry when we found out our phone service was out and of course our internet was out with it.  Our good friends at Verizon informed us that we will have our service back by July 11th.  Ugh!!!  I've eagerly visited all of the participating blogs this week and am really excited about hosting the hop here on my blog.  I didn't want to miss my big day so I drove 35 minutes to use the WiFi at Panera Breads in Brookfield, CT.

I have two 12.5 inch blocks that I designed to share as well as  a giveaway.  The first block is a stylized flag using twenty seven 2.5 inch HST (finishing at 2 inches) and a 6.5 inch blue square with   rough edge machine applique wonky stars.

The second block is hand appliqued and was made using Darlene Zimmerman's Easy Dresden ruler.  I used a 4 inch strip for the blue blades, the red is made with 2.5 inch strips and the white blades are cut from 1.5 inch strips.  The center star is also hand appliqued.  I plan on making 3 more blocks varying the color placement to turn it into a table runner.

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment to be entered into the giveaway for a Tried and True charm pack by  Nancy Halvorsen for  Benartex.  It's a great pack and contains 55 charms.

Don't forget to visit the other bloggers featuring special posts today.  Please click the blog hop button on my sidebar for links to bloggers who posted earlier this week.

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Thanks to Madame Samm and Jane for organizing a fun blog hop and to Panera Breads who bailed me out with their free WiFi (even if it is so slow it took over 2 hours just to load this post.

Happy 4th  of July!!