Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day Lilies in Bloom

The perimeter of our pool is planted with perennial flowers. At this point in the summer, the day lilies dominate the garden. The highest concentration of blooms is usually the third and fourth week of July. During that two week period we average between 85-100 blossoms everyday. This year many of our plants are flowering about two weeks earlier than usual. Unfortunately, a few of the lilies that usually bloom in August are starting to open. That probably means that garden will have bloomed itself out by the first week of August.
It definitely makes me happy to wake up each morning and greet the day by checking to see which of the lily blossoms  will spend their one short day with us.

Russian Sage

I bought a small Russian Sage plant many years ago after reading that it was named plant of the year (I can't remember which year).  We planted it in our perennial border next to our lavender, but it soon grew too large for the area and started to choke the lavender.  It is now in our herb garden, although the owner of our local nursery told us it was not edible (according to online sources the flowers and leaves are edible but do not have the same flavor as regular sage, I have never tried it).  It requires no special attention and is very tolerable of dry soil.  The leaves are feathery and the delicate flowers are light lavender.

Makes Me Happy Monday - July 11, 2010

It is a gift to be able to spend our summers close to the water.  The temperature has been sweltering for the last two weeks and it has been too hot and sunny to be out on the water.  Usually, we can count on a sea breeze to keep things pleasant, but it has been too hot to even move.  Yesterday after church, we took our kayak out to the harbor.  Retired guy does most of the paddling while I get to take in the view.  After Saturday night's rain, the air was a little cooler and the egrets, ospreys and cormorants were out in the salt marshes hunting for lunch.  It makes me feel happy and blessed to be able to be so close to nature and to  have someone who is still willing to row my boat after 37 years of marriage.