Friday, January 8, 2010

First Post - Rosewillow's "Too Good to Cut Challenge"

Thanks to Dianne at Rosewillow's Unfinished Business, I am now a blogger.  In keeping with my aims for 2010 I chose a Hoffmann "Kimono" fabric that has been in my stash since ?1997.  Unfortunately, my beloved fabric does not have enough contrast for the pattern I chose.  Undeterred, I turned to some beautiful batiks that I have petted since 2000.  To challenge myself further, I chose Jambalaya a paper pieced pattern that I bought in 2001.

The tiny pieces frightened me, so I enlarged them 180%.

I am very pleased with the first block.

Thank you Dianne.  The first cut only hurt a little.


  1. Well done you! You're setting a good example! I like your pattern and your fabrics, too. All best wishes -- Dianne :)

  2. and welcome to blogging. I think you will like the challenge of blogging as a way to keep you going on the quilting.

    Curious - "where is slightly left of the middle of NY". I used to live in the Syracuse NY area and sailed on Skaneateles Lake. At times I really do miss that beautiful area. I live in Oklahoma and right now, it sure feels like I am back in upstate!



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