Monday, March 8, 2010

Design Wall Monday - March 8, 2010

Finally, after 2 weeks of ignoring my Too Good to Cut Challenge Jambalaya quilt, I made a few more blocks this week.  Even though I loved the fabrics individually, I felt that they looked dull when they were together.  The tones seemed too grey to me.  I had a few blocks that contained blue and decided that was just what I needed to liven things up.  I have also decided to add another row to make it a lap quilt rather than a wall hanging.

I'm sure this will not be the final arrangement, but I do feel the addition of the blue blocks brightens it up a bit.


  1. it looks great, love that pattern and the colors

  2. Very cool the layout so far!

  3. The aditional blue blocks makes all the difference. Love them all together

  4. I really like this project!! yes the blue adds to it, and I find it calming, relaxing and just fresh.... I like it!! And I like that you are making it large enough to be under instead of on the wall!! Good choice!!!


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