Monday, March 15, 2010

Makes me Happy Monday - March 15, 2010

Family events can be stressful.  Whether they are for your family by blood or marriage, it's easy to get drawn into the emotional stews that have been simmering for a lifetime.  The bridal shower I attended on Saturday was no exception.  With all of the crazy emotional turmoil that took place behind the scenes, the bride's mom (my husband's aunt who is only 2 years older than he is) remained gracious and serene (at least on the surface).

Although my contribution to the shower decorations were minimal, she made me feel as though I was a major factor in the success of the shower.  As I left the restaurant, she presented me with one of the centerpieces.  It makes me happy  to know that I have in-laws, rather than out-laws.


  1. I love daisies, so thanks for sharing the photo.

    Sometimes one needs to step back from family and take a breather. Spoken from experience:-)

    Hope your week goes smoothly.


  2. Oh you are so lucky to have those flowers given with love. Happy days.


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