Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two More Tops Completed

Although I haven't been posting (I missed the Sunday Stash Report and Design Wall Monday), I have been working on some scrappy donation quilt tops.  I realized that I haven't quilted anything in so long that my quilting abilities have regressed  beyond rusty.  To remedy the situation, I have decided that I am going to put off quilting any of the tops I have finished this year until April and only work on piecing tops.

The new free motion foot for my Sapphire and a new walking foot with interchangeable foot attachments (for stitch in the ditch and omni motion stitches) has arrived.  I have signed up for a  2 session refresher quilting class, March 20th and 27th.  When April arrives, I will be ready with a stack of tops to quilt.with my new skills.

Cheryl at the Naptime Quilter  suggested combining two blocks together to make to make rectangles and then adding the sashing.  I really like the way it looks.  I think it "tames" the scrappiness a little.  Thank you Cheryl I always appreciate your comments.

Sorry the picture of this string quilt is so dark.  I was having trouble getting the flash to work.


  1. It does work! And so do all those diagonals on the edges.

  2. My monitor is dark so I can't see the string quilt but the sashing does pull the first scrappy quilt together. Good idea to combine 2 blocks.


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