Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The wonderful world of blogging and Bunny Hill

The blog world is a wonderful place to discover quilt designers, patterns, fabrics, and tutorials with exciting new techniques.  It's also a great way to connect to people and ideas that would be totally out of our reach without the internet.  I rarely have anything exciting to show or write about on my own blog because I am too busy reading other blogs full of the minor and major happenings in the daily lives of other bloggers.

One of the designers I follow  has a lovely blog full of inspiration and warmth.  Each time I visit Anne Sutton at Bunny Tales, her blog for Bunny Hill Designs, I feel as though I am having a cup of tea with an old friend.  I love hearing about the antics of her furry friends (especially my favorite Mooch the cat).  The pictures of her beautiful home are always so warm and inviting they make me feel as though I am sitting right there, even though I am in NY and she is in California.  Anne not only designs fabric and patterns, she generously offers a free BOM.  

About 15 years ago, I was visiting a little vintage shop and spied a pink 3 piece Depression glass child's place setting.  My beautiful cousin Teri collects antiques and I thought I would save it for her first child.  A few years later, she gave birth to lively twin boys.  Alas, the dishes have sat wrapped in their original tissue paper waiting for the right moment to be loved.  When Anne posted about finding things to decorate her booth at Quilt Market, I knew, at last, the dishes would have a good home.

Yesterday, Anne posted a picture on her blog of the dishes in her booth at Quilt Market.  While this is not earth shattering news for the rest of the world, for me, it was like receiving a hug from an old friend I have never met.

Here is one of the pictures I sent Anne to tempt her.
Thank you Anne for taking a little piece of me along to Quilt Market.  I had lots of fun.


  1. Depression glass is great stuff. More great stuff is coming to your blog and feasting on that gorgeous shore line. It always gets a happy yip out of me. And makes me feel 'in the pink'! 8^) Great photo!

  2. Oh, Katie! I wish I had known part of you was going to quilt market to take pictures! I can see why Anne was so tempted - it is such a cute set! That was very sweet of you!!

  3. Smiles! I love that beach photo, too :o)

  4. Hello Katie, the set is beautiful...I have two pieces of depression glass in green...Warm Regards, Lyn

  5. Well it may not be earth shattering news for most, but it does reinforce that whole "six degrees of separation."

    I have several "special dishes" that were gifts and every time I use them, I think of the giver. Lovely post, generous quilter. Thanks.

  6. I have a set just like this that I found in an antique shop in Oklahoma when I was visiting there many years ago. I, too, hoped to gift them to a special person (granddaughter, maybe?), but not to be so far. They are carefully wrapped & put away still waiting.
    Connie - Indianapolis


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