Sunday, July 11, 2010

Makes Me Happy Monday - July 11, 2010

It is a gift to be able to spend our summers close to the water.  The temperature has been sweltering for the last two weeks and it has been too hot and sunny to be out on the water.  Usually, we can count on a sea breeze to keep things pleasant, but it has been too hot to even move.  Yesterday after church, we took our kayak out to the harbor.  Retired guy does most of the paddling while I get to take in the view.  After Saturday night's rain, the air was a little cooler and the egrets, ospreys and cormorants were out in the salt marshes hunting for lunch.  It makes me feel happy and blessed to be able to be so close to nature and to  have someone who is still willing to row my boat after 37 years of marriage.

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  1. Aw. We have some of that around here but it is our hay fields! oops! But you must really enjoy skimming across the water. I feel refreshed just thinking about it!


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