Monday, April 18, 2011

What was I thinking?

While searching for hidden UFOs in my fabric closet, I also went through the patterns I have been hoarding.   When visiting a LQS, I saw a lovely sample for a sweatshirt jacket called Sunset Strip by Moonlight Designs.  Unfortunately, they were out of the pattern and ordered it for me.  When I received the pattern, I realized that  I would never make it.  The same applies to the lovely 25" x 25" paper-pieced  Ginger Jar quilt pattern by June Colburn that I loved when I saw it at a quilt show.  Check the links and see if you would like to have one of these patterns.


  1. Love the Ginger Jars - but will trade if you are looking for something specific.

  2. would love to have the Sunset Strip...have other patterns (mostly quilt ones) for a trade if interested.

  3. I may be too late...I love the sunset strip!!! I'd love to trade something for it....I have lots of fabrics! Thanks for stopping by, I was so glad that the young lady loved her quilt.

  4. That Sunset Strip jacket is very similiar to the quilt I just posted that you liked-same basic idea.


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