Sunday, May 15, 2011

Starting the Hands 2 Help Quilt

I have been searching for the perfect (if there is such a thing) quilt pattern for the beautiful, bright  fabrics that  Jamie, my Hands 2 Help swap partner, sent me.  She has already made lots of progress on the quilt she is making with the fabrics I sent her (with lots from her own stash added).  You can see the quilt on her design wall at  Baby Boomer Quilting Bee.  She does fabulous work.

These are the lovely fabrics she sent me.  They are actually much brighter in person.  I decided that the quilt on the cover of the Summer 2011 issue of Quilts and More designed by Cherri House is the perfect match.  You can see the picture on her blog Cherry House Quilts.  In addition to the yardage, I have cut some charms from a ZuZu Petals charm pack by Benartex.  The original quilt is 85" x 85" so my meager brain is working on the math to shrink it down to the 60" x 60" challenge size.

I have to put on some speed because the blocks are laid out on my daughter's bed.  She'll be graduating from college next week and will be coming home to continue her job search.  Using her bed as a design wall will no longer be an option.


  1. Great pattern to use bright with - this is so cute!! So girl sew!

  2. That is so pretty, Katie! Another quilt to add to my bucket list.... ;-)

  3. Oh I think I am in love! I can't wait to see that quilt done. There is nothing like a scrappy quilt with white background in my opinion!

  4. Hey, looks awesome so far! I hope you get it finished in time for your daughter's arrival home.

  5. The white fabric really sets the scrap prints off nicely!

  6. So pretty. I'm always amazed at how 'white fabric' makes colors pop. If you make too many squares you can always sew them onto a pillow cuff or onto the top hem of the top bed sheet.


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