Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Charity Quilt Smack Down

After finishing up the H2H Charity Challenge, I decided I wasn't going to sign up for anything for awhile and just concentrate on my UFOs.  That was before Debra at Debra's Design Studio  lured me into signing up for a Charity Quilt Smack Down she is hosting on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28.   The reason she was able to reel me in without a fight was because the quilt she will be making is super easy, uses a ton of scraps and will go to a Veteran's group.  As if that isn't enough, you can send it to her and she will quilt it.  Since I like to piece, but dread quilting, this is an answer to my quilting prayers.

The pattern she will be using is from Barbara at Thinking Out Loud
Debra had a Pyramid quilt Smack Down last weekend that I was unable to participate in, but I'll certainly be using her method in the future.

I've already pulled some fabrics from my stash.

Go on! Take a look!  You know you want to do it.


  1. Looks like fun but I am pretty booked for the next 2 months. Need to set my priorities and lighten the load before the snow flies.

  2. It does look like fun - and if I didn't have fifteen charity quilt tops waiting to be quilted, I'd join in! But thanks for the link to the pattern - that's a great one that I'll add to our repertoire for sure!!

  3. Thanks for the Announcement! I hope we get a nice stack of tops so I am busy all fall quilting!!

  4. What lovely quilts you are making.... it is wonderful reason to sew..... we have a group of us here who meet every couple of weeks for a day to do much the same... it is great fun ...


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