Monday, August 8, 2011

No Sewing Today, but...

Today we made our annual summer visit to the Aquarium in Riverhead.  They have added a butterfly/exotic bird exhibit that was really fun.
I managed to snap a picture of an Isabella Luna moth.  You may be more familiar with how they look as a Wooly Bear caterpillar.

A butterfly tried to hitch hike out of the exhibit on the back of my husband's shirt.

We were able to hold a bird.

Pieceful Quilting is a great shop just down the street from the Aquarium.  The ladies who work there are really friendly and helpful.  I wandered through, but I only found one fabric that interested me.  At $11.25 a yard, I was able to resist.  I was not able to resist the fabric by the pound bin.  I found two bags that were an incredible bargain at $6.95 each.  They both contained several slightly less than 1/2 yard cuts, with lots of smaller pieces and some strips.  This one had several cute prints including fabric from "The Hungry Caterpillar" line and a beautiful seashell print (the $11.25 fabric was from the same line).  There was also a quilt block. 

 The green pack has a really lovely sea themed batik and even had a few 2 1/2 inch squares tucked in.

It was a great bargain.  All of it is quality fabric and will come in handy.  My only regret, is that I didn't buy another bag.


  1. I read somewhere that the new fall line of Moda is going to be $13/yd. I balked at $8 so don't see any purchases at $13. It's going to kill the quilting fabric business, IMHO.

  2. Oh my. Such pretty butterflies.
    Beautiful fabrics. I would like to find a bargain like that :D

  3. I love the bundle of greens! We have had several Luna moths clinging to the side of our barns and spruce trees the last couple of weeks. They must be laying eggs and then passing on. I refuse to pay full NEW price for fabrics - maybe if enough boycout, it will come down. My neice is stationed with hubby in South Korea where all the mills/factories are and they are still selling at under $2 yrd. So who is getting the profit??? And the whole cotton whoie! if the mills are still same price?

  4. Love your bundles! I shop specials most of the time. Once in a great while, I'll purchase a fabric to finish something and pay the full price--so far no more than $10 a yard. Mostly though my fabrics are between $5 and $7 a yard mostly in the lower area. I used to like to buy $4 a yard, but that doesn't show up too much any more. I'll be making less and less quilts as the price keeps rising--maybe going back to hand quilting to make the process last longer. I've been on a shotgun finish stint, but that is going to have to go cause I can't see many quilts coming from $13 a yard!

  5. I work with a quilt ministry and we have to be very choosy shoppers - we definitely can't afford $13 a yard fabric! I've found that Joann's has started carrying a much better line of quilting fabric - usually about $10 a yard - and they have 40% off coupons routinely. And I subscribe to every online shop I can find, and watch their sales too. Recently I found fabric for about $2 a yard at Connecting Threads, and was very pleased with the quality that I received. So there are places to buy good quality quilting fabric without paying through the nose. It might not be the "designer name brand" stuff we all lust after - but it makes beautiful and useful quilts!

  6. I would love spending time with butterflies and birds.. how fantastic.... our prices for fabric in Aus are much higher and we all envy your prices... we can pay $23 - $26 for the nice Moda fabrics for a metre at a quilt shop.. which is a bit longer than a yard.... A lot of people are buying from USA and posting and it is still cheaper...
    Great bargains... that is always fun to find...

  7. Gorgeous butterfly, and lovely bird. Your fabrics are yummy. Thanks for your kind works on Esther's list.
    Hugs Bunny

  8. "The Hungry Caterpillar" reminds me of that book by Eric Carle that I LOVED as a kid. Bargains are always fun to find, aren't they?

    How cool that you got to hold that bird! :)


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