Thursday, February 2, 2012

When I Should Have Been Quilting

I just wasted a perfectly good morning playing with word pictures on this site.  Taxedo allows you to make word pictures using template shapes.  You can choose your blog or come up with a word list that you would like to use.  These are a few I came up with.

The first image was from a list of words I typed.  The next 3 were made using the blog choice.  Unfortunately, if you use the blog app, you don't have control over which words it chooses.  As a tea addict, the teapot and cup were a perfect choice for me, but there are lots of others.  Maybe I'll play some more another day, but for now, I'll sew a bit.


  1. I have seen this around. Do not get me started on another time waster please!!! :)

  2. Looks like fun! I've been playing words with friends on Facebook and it has cut into my quilting time! But, it has kept me awake at night when TV doesn't always do that!

  3. I have never seen this looks like you had fun. Love them.

  4. Oh, this is way cool!!!!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my sunny post. :)

  5. As soon as I found your blog, Katie, I was noticing your icon or avatar, whichever it may be called here in blogland. So I'm happy to come to this post to see how you came up with that. Very cool!


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