Sunday, June 3, 2012

May For Me

Thanks to Marcia, Sharon, Snoodles, and Tonya for inspiring quilters all over the world to take some time to do something just for themselves during the month of May.  On the first  Saturday in May, I attended a local quilt show and was able to see Bonnie Hunter's trunk show.  After years of reading about Bonnie traveling around the country to give workshops, it was great to be able to see her in person.  Her talk  was funny, informative, and full of beautiful quilts.  She gave several workshops in New York state and she taught Jared's Star for the local guild.  Unfortunately, the workshop was filled, so I wasn't able to attend.  I did get to have Bonnie autograph one of her books  as a surprise birthday present for a dear bloggy friend.   I was surprised that a large number of quilters that I talked to on the shuttle bus and at the show had never heard of Bonnie before.  After her talk, everyone was talking about how great she was.  It was really weird visiting her blog and reading about restaurants in our local area that she visited during her stay
On Mother's Day, my Viking daughter and I went into Manhattan and attended Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral.  We had lunch at a  Thai restaurant called Thainy and it was small enough to live up to its name.  ON our way back to Grand Central Station, we decided to visit the observation deck of the Empire State Building,  I had not visited there since I was a little girl and my daughter had never been there.  I got to meet King Kong.  The visibility that day was 25 miles so the view was great.

I also managed to join a weekend sew along with the C-Bees online  group using the Twister Tool.  I used 5 inch squares and the small size Twister  ruler.  It will be turned into a table topper  for my night table.  I found it difficult to judge where to position the light and dark charms for the best color balance.  

In my next post, I will share more May for Me adventures.


  1. cute little twister and awesome to see Bonnie LIVE!! I want to meet her one day too

  2. How odd that so many had never heard of Bonnie - I knew her before quilting - dolls and stuffed animals were her start. Glad you enjoyed your May

  3. Fun to play tourist every now & then!

  4. I love your "Twister" quilt. I love blue.
    Bonnie is a very busy. A very talented lady. With a very full calendar. I hope I can see her one day.

  5. Love your little twister quilt and that must have been so much fun to meet Bonnie!


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