Friday, February 15, 2013

Snow Bound Stitching

Last weekend we were snowbound.  The storm that blanketed the northeast turned out to be less of a disaster than originally predicted for our area.  The original forecast was for 12 to 18 inches and as the storm approached, the numbers ratcheted up to 20 to 22 inches.  Luckily, the storm moved closer to the coast and we only saw 12 inches.  My daughter is in graduate school outside of Boston where they received 27 inches.

In the background of this photo, you can see some of the trees that were knocked down during Super Storm Sandy back in October.

By late Saturday, our driveway was plowed, but the surrounding roads were treacherous and so we hunkered down near the wood burning stove and didn't venture out until Monday.

 Last week I was the lucky winner of some scraps from the cutting table of Stephanie at Spontaneous Threads.  I apologize for not taking a picture before I dived into the pile, but they arrived just as the snow started to fall and they inspired me to play. There were lots of strings and strips in Stephanie's box that I wanted to use right away.   I had a large pile of crumb blocks in various sizes that I immediately pulled out to play with.

The scraps are lovely (the fussy cut typewriter is super), but it really made me question my own sanity.  I have LOTS of beautiful uncut yardage, precuts of all kinds, a pile of UFOs that rivals Mt. McKinley,  and TONS of scraps, so why am I excited about using Stephanie's scraps.  I know I am not the only one who falls into this category.  I have curbed my participation in blogs hops and limited commenting on every giveaway post I find, but there is something magical about receiving a package in the mail from someone you have never met.
I pushed aside the UFO list I planned to work from and instead made some scrappy Saw Tooth Star blocks with a white on cream background that was buried in my stash.

I have a dozen more ready to sew today and they are starting to take over the family room floor.

One of the quilt alongs I am taking part in this year is the 2013 Wiggly Whimsy Sew-Along at Terry's Treasures.   I'm already behind, but yesterday I bought my background fabric at Joann's and this morning I chose the charm squares I will use from Lovely by Sandy Gervais.

The quilt only requires 37 charm squares, but I eliminated everything with a white background, plaids, and stripes so I needed 2 charm packs.
It's a very easy quilt, so I should be able to catch up over the weekend.  Terry has a wonderful blog with lots of beautiful projects to look at.  It really is worth stopping by and taking a look.
Have a wonderful President's Day weekend.  I'm all excited because my sweet baby girl (even though she is 24 she is still the baby of the family) will be home for the weekend.  She will also be bringing a ton of wash and empty plastic containers that she will expect us to fill with all of her favorite foods.  I can't wait.


  1. It is always fun to play in someone else's scraps - they are refreshing from our own. Love the star blogs that are evolving from your play time.

  2. I really like your crumb blocks in the star layout. You could easily make more of those stars and do all kinds of variations.

    Had I known you wanted scraps, I could mail you boxes every week! Ha! ha!!

  3. What lovely scraps to play with and look at all that snow.

  4. that still looks like a lot of snow to me! Love those star blocks.
    Enjoy your weekend with your daughter.

  5. Thank you for your kind words about my blog! I made a Dresden plate quilt with Lovely! I can't wait to see your sew along blocks! :0)

  6. It looks like you did a fantastic job taking advantage of those snow days! I hope you are having a lovely weekend with your daughter!

  7. I love playing in scraps -- doesn't matter who they belong to. That typewriter fabric is Melody Miller fabric -- she is wonderful, she came and spoke at our guild meeting last week. I keep looking on here for a scrap swap but haven't happened upon one yet. congrats on the traveling stash box -- I look forward to seeing your post soon.

  8. I love being snowed in, especially when I have some project to work on. It's a great way to make good progress -- which it looks like you did! You made some fun blocks.


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