Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just a Few Things to Finish Out the Month

I added 2 more blocks for my rainbow postage stamp collection.  I already had the blue strips cut so it was easy to run them up.

The bottom block is a print of large frogs spaced on a blue background.  If you look closely, you can see bits of frog legs, eyes and tongues.  I think it will spice things up.

I continued to make blocks for my Gumdrops quilt.  I am seriously thinking of calling this the Potato Chip quilt when it is finished (if it ever is) because you just can't make one.

I think this will be the last of the 9 patches for a while.  The original quilt calls for 48 blocks and I have made 101.  The next step is to cut the 1.5 inch sashing for the blocks.
These are the rest of the blocks that I showed in my last post.

I will be linking them up with Cat Patches' June NewFO party.  There are a lot of great projects to see this month.

I am giving a small shower for my son's finance at the end of July and visited Home Goods to look for items to be given as prizes for hopefully not so silly shower games.  I saw this, but refrained from being tempted by the low price.  

It was only $69 and everyone needs a knight in shining armor, but that could buy a lot of fabric.  If anyone has suggestions for menu items or games, please leave a comment.  I am not a party person and feel ill at ease being a hostess.  I am only having a dozen guests, mostly members of my husband's family, but I really want to make it special for the Sweetheart.  After her mom's death in April, it has been difficult for her to focus on the wedding plans.  

They finally found a tiny house to rent.  It is a converted summer house built in 1930.  The first floor has a kitchen and living room with an enclosed weatherized porch.  The second floor has a bedroom, bathroom, and 2 enclosed weatherized porches, front and back.  I live slightly left of the middle of nowhere.  The house they are renting is the middle of nowhere.  There are heirloom roses growing outside the door and it is at the very end of a dead end street.  The grown up me sees all kinds of drawbacks, but the me inside, who remembers what it is like to be a newlywed, finds it very romantic.  The ceilings are very low.  Even this can be seen as an advantage.  My 6'4" son can paint the ceilings without stepping on a ladder.

The MRI on my knee is scheduled for Tuesday.  As soon as I scheduled the appointment, it started to feel better.  We'll make the decision about how to proceed after physical therapy tomorrow.  My body is definitely not liking the whole getting old thing.


  1. Gosh - you can make two potato chip quilts - like that name for a quilt. Ah, I don't think any of us like the aging process - think I'll take a nap.

  2. I find gumdrops just as addictive as potato chips. Love all your projects. Newlywed house sounds yummy especially with the heirloom roses outside.

  3. Very pretty. I want to make a quilt like that some day.

  4. I like the name Potato Chip quilt too! your quilt will be gorgeous with all of those colours in it.

  5. Tiny house reminds me of my 1st married rented house. A curtain divided the tiny living room into a living room & bedroom. But, it was a real house with a big yard and trees and my friends were living in apartments.

  6. You are such a cutie, Katie :0)! Love the idea of naming it the potato chip quilt! So sweet of you to host the shower for you soon to be DIL! Gosh, Katie I'm not good at parties at all, but I know you'll do great! The knight and shining armor - too funny :0)!!

  7. you have been busy sewing up some great looking blocks.
    Yes, growing old is definitely not fun especially when I don't feel as old as I am.

  8. Love the colorful blocks!! You are one busy lady. (And I think you made the right decision to NOT get the knight as a prize!)

  9. Hi Katie,
    I'm visiting your blog from Sunshineintheattic and I love yours! Your profile could be my twin, except I'm not mastering embroidery, but it is a skill I'd like to refresh. My grandma taught me the basics when I was five but haven't done much of anything in years. I admire the red hand quilting and embroidery the person on Nana Company does and even bought 2 little hanks of red embroidery floss. My other comment regarding your blog is on the 9 patch blocks and using your scraps. That is a very good idea. I don't want to waste anything and am feeling overwhelmed by scraps since every time I make something I end up with more. I have several little projects that I start with the scraps but then want or need to make a gift or something so put it away. I'm sure I'll get addicted soon to sewing those blocks and I'll be so glad if I can get a handle on the scraps! I was thinking of having several sizes-- but maybe I should just stick with one size??? I have a tendancy to overthink and complicate things which gets me off track. It's been nice chatting. Hope I didn't talk your ear off!


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