Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pink Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Grow Your Blog Winner

I can't believe we're already past the half way point for February.  Last week, I completely forgot to post my February goals and the pink blocks I made for the first week of the  Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Snowy weather has kept me home bound and sewing.  We've had more than our share of winter this year, but if you'd like to stop by for lunch, I'll clear off the barbecue and burn you a burger.

If this month's UFO looks familiar, it's because it's a slightly smaller version of last month's Bungle Jungle quilt.  The parents of the two new babies in our lives chose the same colors and theme for their nurseries. Since they won't be visiting each other, I felt it was okay to use the same fabric and pattern for both of the quilts.  I have to admit, cutting and sewing double the amount of blocks went fast.  I just can't seem to motivate myself to finish the second one.  Hopefully, I will get it done this week.
You can see it hanging on the bench behind eight 12 inch scrappy pink blocks.

All together, I made 28 scrappy pink blocks. I didn't have many pink scraps, but I had lots of mauve yardage that I really wanted to get rid of.  I have a few more to add to the pile that aren't completed yet.  They were fun to make, but I don't have a project in mind for them. Debra of Debra's Design Studio has agreed to take them to use for some of her charity quilts.

This group of blocks is for a Film at Five Quilt using a tutorial from Wedding Dress Blue.  Sashing and corner stones will fill in the empty spots on the rug.
Four of the 25 patch blocks were rescued from a 100 patch block when I decided not to make the Fading Charm quilt also offered on the Wedding Dress Blue site.  It has barely made a dent in my pile of 2.5 inch charms.

I also made eighteen four patches and added a pink row to my budding Rainbow Chevron Quilt.

I'll be linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge at Sew Scrappy.  There are lots of great projects so be sure to stop by and see them.

Finally, the winner of the "Grow Your Blog Hop" giveaway of two charm packs of Lovely from Debbie Beaves and Favorite Recipes from Quilters," is commenter number 26, Carrie P from A Passion for Applique.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of snow! Beautiful scrappy pink blocks. Congratulations Debbie : )

  2. Lots of beautiful pink scrappiness. I'm glad you were able to use that mauve fabric in the log cabin blocks. They will make a lovely charity quilt.

  3. Those are great pink blocks! I'll be happy to receive them!

    1. Those are 2 pretty impressive quilts with 2½" squares. With my sized stash, it would take forever & a day to use up if I worked in that size. But, really admire you for working that small!

  4. You have lots to keep you busy during this snowy winter. Those donated pink blocks will make a very nice quilt for a girl.
    I can't believe I won out of all those numbers in the bowl. Thanks you so much. I sent an email with my address.

  5. If I could make it there, I would love a burger about now! The wind blew our long lane back in so took a few hours to clear out so we could do an 'in-town' run for a few supplies. Lots of great blocks. Congratulations to the winner and thank you for hosting.

  6. Wow lots of pink scraps are getting done. Great to see all the log cabin like ones.

  7. You have been busy. Lots and lots of pretty blocks. I like your Bungle Jungle quilt.

  8. congrats to the winner . you have some beautiful blocks

  9. I can't want to see your next row of chevrons. Your snow looks so pretty and fluffy!

  10. Great pink blocks, you must have been busy producing all these!

  11. Love your pink blocks. Such a clever way to clear out the mauves that you don't love anymore. I am sure they will be put to good use. The film at five pattern looks super cute. What a fun idea.


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