Monday, March 30, 2015

Catching Up

Thank you to everyone who inquired about my beautiful daughter-in-law and sent prayers and kind thoughts.  She was released from the hospital last Monday night, but returned today to have a plate and screws inserted into her foot to hold it together.  They had to delay the surgery until the swelling went down.  She has been in a lot of pain, but the surgery today went well and the doctor thinks she should be able to put weight on her foot in six to eight weeks.

Last Saturday was an exciting day for me.  After a week of hospital sitting, I attended an all day quilting retreat sponsored by Christie's Quilting Boutique and the Modern Quilt Guild of Connecticut.  There were unfilled spaces so the guild opened the event to non-members like myself.  It was held at a Church in Darien, CT and the special guest was Kate Spain.  I love Kate Spain's fabrics.  As hard as it is to believe, she is even lovelier than her fabrics.  Her friendly and gracious manner had the crowd eating out of her hand.  I wanted to have a photo taken with her, but no matter how hard I tried, some old lady in a grey sweater kept getting in the way.

Kate brought lots of beautiful quilts to show, visited with all of the quilters and asked about their projects.

The back is just as interesting. 

I was using a reversible pattern from the 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens 2013 issue of Make It Modern magazine.
The back uses cool colors.

The front features warm colors.

My version uses tone on tone fabrics and will have the cool colors on the front.  I will use purple for the border. I didn't realize the pattern was designed by Kate Spain until I started cutting the fabric.  When Kate saw what I was making, she told me she asked her husband whether he liked the pattern in cool or warm colors and he suggested she use both and make it reversible.  He certainly gave her good advice.


  1. Katie, that lady in the gray sweater-well, isn't she just the bomb ?~! I have missed you and I am SO glad your DIL is on the mend. Recovery is a slow process but isn't it comforting to know she's headed for a better future. May her pains fade and her strength return with a giant helping of "Those who love you are praying and so are lots of others!"

    The quilts are fabulous; their use of white interests me. I've not used much white in my work and I'm beginning to see that perhaps I should get some solid and start playing with it. Thanks for the inspiration; you are a dear bloggie friend.

  2. Glad you DIL is better, and love those quilts!!!!

  3. So happy things are looking better for you DIL, still in my prayers as it will be a long recovery. How wonderful to enjoy a day with Kate.


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