Sunday, August 1, 2021

One Monthly Goal For August

 Although I love the idea of having placemats and table runners for different seasons and holidays, I never think of starting them until it is too late.  I found three free Pumpkin table runner tutorials that are likely candidates.  Connie Kresin Campbell who blogs at Free Motion by the River has a free tutorial for a scrappy pumpkin table runner using 2.5 inch squares.  Julie at Green Fairy Quilts has a tutorial for an 18 x 45 inch Pumpkin Table Runner made with strips of yardage that could easily be made with scraps.   Although, I like the first two tutorials, I have decided to make the free tutorial at The Cloth Parcel that uses 3 inch scraps.  The pumpkin table runner will be a perfect project for my August One Monthly Goal.  That gives me plenty of time to have it ready for the harvest days of October and November.  If you're looking for a free Pumpkin table runner pattern, check out all three.  You're sure to find one you like.

I was delighted that linking up for the July Monthly Goal motivated me to finish my strippie butterfly baby quilt.  I'm linking up again with Patty Dudek at Elm Street Quilts, One Monthly Goal for August.  Somehow, linking up made me feel more accountable for accomplishing my goal in July.  Hopefully, the results will yield an autumn table runner.


  1. Good luck on your project. I tend to wait till the season is upon us to start things for it--except for fall. For that one I'm usually on it! Thanks for sharing the links.

  2. Beautiful orange fabrics. Good luck on the seasonal project and enjoy your weekend!

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